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Arnemancy is about Tarot, Hermeticism, and occult philosophy. Explore these pages to learn more with the Reverend Erik Arneson.

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  • ancient-books-featured-image My Reading List – Spring 2017 (2/27/2017) - I talk a lot about the books I read, but it's rare that I talk about the books that I'm going to read. Here's a list of books I'm currently working on and books on deck.
  • Announcing a New Podcast Project (2/23/2017) - Last Spring, while drinking beer with my good friend Matt, I said to him, “We should record a podcast!” At the time, I just meant that I wanted to be in an episode of his Masonic for The Laudable Pursuit. However, he thought I meant that we should start a whole new podcast. So we... Read more »
  • heiroglyph-wall The Nature of God in the Kybalion and the Hermetica (12/1/2016) - There is a fundamental difference between the nature of God described by The Kybalion and that in the Hermetica. Learn more as we dive into these two works and explore their mysteries.
  • Review: The Weird of Hali: Innsmouth by John Michael Greer (9/28/2016) - Read a book review of The Weird of Hali: Innsmouth by John Michael Greer.

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